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The “©Copyright” notices on each page of this web site are in no way intended to obstruct or prohibit the access to or the distribution of any Biblical truth herein whatsoever (Proverbs 23:23). On the contrary, the primary purpose of copyrighting the content of this web site is to help prevent any out-of-context excerption or unfaithful replication of that content.  Nevertheless, viewers are generally free to access and even distribute (copy for resale prohibited) the content of this web site, PROVIDED they do so in a manner that consistently maintains this site’s intended doctrinal essence behind whatever portions they choose to extract.  In short, you are permitted to copy the content belonging to this site; but always be thoughtful to quote accurately, with faithful regard to the proper contexts, and with responsible consideration for the original source. (The only exceptions may be the quotes, illustrations, or otherwise excerpted material posted on and cited by this site as originating neither  from this site nor from its author/designer.  Please check with the quote sources [publishers, etc.] for more specific guidelines in such cases.)


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