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Dr. D. S. Piper’s
Personal Writings
(Attained by God’s Grace)

Portrait of William Carey
William Carey28

“Expect great things from God.
Attempt great things for God.”
-William Carey17

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     Topics Covered, by God’s grace...


  • The Key to Revival
  • The Church’s Biblical Infrastructure
  • [More to come, Lord willing...?]

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     Topics Covered, by God’s grace...


  • The Plan of Salvation
  • The Correct Bible Version
  • Setting Biblical Standards for Music Standards
  • [More to come, Lord willing...?]

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     Topics Covered, by God’s grace...


  • “The Lamb of God”
  • Guidance for New Converts
  • Considering the Homeschool Option
  • Charismatic Doctrine Biblically Refuted
  • “Samson’s Secret”
  • Charismatic Terminology & Practice Avoided
  • [More to come, Lord willing...?]



As Watts beautifully versed:18

A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,
On Christ’s kind arms I fall;
He is my strength and righteousness,
My Jesus and my all.”

(A favorite verse of both William Carey and C. H. Spurgeon)18

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